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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years in the Middle of Nowhere

It being New Years Eve, I thought I would share some of the local events (in fact, the only local events):

Two things happen here in the middle of nowhere, at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve: the sound of celebratory gunfire in the hills, and the shindig at Monty's Log Cabin, the local bar (which I live near, but have never dared to visit, nor ever wanted to). The denizens of Monty's have rigged up a shiny, illuminated New Years sphere atop an old flagpole (all is covered with little twinkly-bright lights). It stands for a couple of weeks after Christmas in Monty's ratty side yard, a-waitin'. At the stroke of midnight, the (very inebriated) denizens pull a piece of old clothesline, and lo! The shiny twinkly sphere drops! And then they haul it aloft and drop it again two or three times, just in case some folks in the bar were a wee bit slow getting out the door.

Just shows to go ya (yes, I wrote that deliberately): Green Acres really IS the place to be.