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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Another Quiet Day

Today was another simple day: resting, getting ready for a visit from the social worker tomorrow, picking up Thistle from school.  I'm grateful for these days, which are made good for me in great part by not working/teaching right now.  I feel I've said all I needed to say in classrooms at the university level. If anything, I'm grateful that I can, for the next several years, work with elementary school aged kids in Thistle's classrooms, because I prefer that age for teaching anyways (if you reach students at a young age, the results can be life-changing).

Oh, and there's a lovely nesting pair of saw-whet owls and other of great horned owls, both by the creek, and more than one bobcat (probably coming down from the hills in search of water)...and a healthy family of skunks close by.

And that's all!  Thank you for stopping by.