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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Downton Crabby!

I don't quite know why I end up having at least one friend in my life who is British (I even had a partner who was British, though the only remnant of it was that he would sit with his friend Alan--from Canada-- in beach chairs, in his kitchen, and listen to Dark Side of the Moon, and drink beer.  They would clink their beer glasses when the line "quiet desperation is the English way" was sung, and then they would cheer.  Yes, it was rather silly, but it was a bit endearing, especially the beach chairs in the kitchen).

One of my closest, dearest persons in the world is my beloved Nona in my dance troupe.  She is still going strong as she approaches her mid-eighties--she has friends, a social life, swims every day, and has a very sunny nature.  One thing we discuss each week is the progress of Downton Abbey on PBS because she is the only person I know who watches it.  She told me that both her parents were "in service" in one of the great houses, and so that is one reasons she loves the show.  Nobody else in the troupe watches it, so we dish about all the happenings.

The great and incomparable Maggie Smith is the matriarch, and she alone is worth the time to watch this show.  She has enormous subtlety and grace, and I am glad there is a wonderful part for her.  I like everyone else on the show, but she is my favorite.

Plus, the costumes!  The velvet garments are enough to simply die for, as well as the beadwork (beading a garment is an exercise in the most saintly patience)--plus one character wears a knitted coat that of course I want to make.  And the show is great entertainment for me when I have to go back to bed, as I did today.  I am deeply grateful for technology that brings the world to me.

Speaking of the world, I am returning to my classes at the Serpent's Kiss tonight and am very happy about this.  I also made a very good fire today, and had ice cream with Thistle when I picked her up from school.  She is apparently regaling her classmates with information about the stars and planets, including that people on Mercury wear oven mitts all the time.  I told her teacher that I was telling her about Mercury being close to the sun, and Thistle started worrying if the people on Mercury would burn their hands.  Nothing I could do would convince her otherwise, so I told her they wear oven mitts all the time to keep from burning their hands (she would not hear of no people being on Mercury).

This was a good day because I have done a few more things despite the chemo effects.  I am coming to the point where I feel I have to get out and do things and just accept the nausea and tiredness.  I hope I can keep a good balance between doing enough and doing too much.  

I put on my dance clothes, wrap a velvet scarf around my hips, put on my lace kerchief, and get ready to dance. 

 I am still part of this world I love with all my heart.