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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Living Unto It

One of my reasons for returning to this blog is to chronicle my hair loss from chemotherapy for lupus. It has been relatively gradual but seems to be ramping up more these days. I toss my hair outside so the birds can weave it into their nests. Anyways, here is my hair at the start of chemotherapy several weeks ago (I really loved those white streaks):

Here is my hair a few weeks in, when the hair loss was getting pretty intense:

Tonight's photo (I have lost about half my hair at this point, and the photo does not do true justice to my growing bald spot). It's a crappy pic of me and shows the fact that I did not clean my room today:

And now, solution #1: a hat! I have pulled my hair around to give an illusion of a fuller head of hair than I have got (which is why I want to keep whatever hair I retain as it can be used to create an illusion of more):

Only certain hats work for me, but this an option that seems to work okay. Trading my hair for my life is a pretty good deal, and sort of mythic also.