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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Makeup, Me

I had a wonderful time at the Crepe Place, dancing with Didi and her student troupe, Raks Nahaash (the serpent's dance).  The place was packed and I am glad so  many folks came out to celebrate Didi--she is one of the coolest, nicest people I have ever known.

Here is me, in my makeup, which is about to be removed  You can see some chemo baldness in the front, but I have a headband on and ratted/gelled/scrunched my hair within an inch of its life.

By the way, I'm 54 and I will never stop dancing (my other troupe leader Siwa said she's going to die at 101 after being shot by a jealous wife)!  I sure like the bellydance crowd! 

note:  the reason I don't show the actual costume is because it is very revealing.  I walked upstairs in it and CG's eyes darn near fell out of his head.