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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Day Years

Well, the first thing I did on New Years Day was wake up to breakfast in bed: one very nice blueberry pancake and my big orange-red Peets mug, full of Irish Breakfast tea with milk and one teaspoon of sugar. This was brought in by my caregiver (let's call him CG for now). The reason for this was because I had a long night finishing the eternal grading. CG has been very good to me. I try very hard to help in the household as much as I can, but I know that this is impacting his work a lot--he just sits down in his upstairs lair after we have put Thistle to bed, and puts in work until the wee hours. He's a healthy, strapping Norwegian who takes care of his health and such, but still I don't want to overtax him. When Ella gets back to school after the break, I think it will be easier for him as he can work when she is in school (he is doing about 80 percent of his work at home right now, remotely).

Anyway, the major project of the day was finishing the grades for SJSU. I am very proud of the fact that my students really did great, for the most part. I am glad also that I made the choice to take a medical leave this coming semester, despite how much I will miss teaching. I am having a lot of things coming up, including Thistle's adoption in February, which will be a big deal.

Well, off to bundle up the last papers. Will this time off be good for me? I know it will be. Even though my leave is technically unpaid, the department I teach in helped me claim a lot of personal leave and sick pay I had not used up, so I will get a paycheck for some time also. I have also my full benefits. I realize all those years of hard work have paid off in that I've got a little bit to cushion me right now as I get my health back together. All in all, I feel lucky and grateful and hope this time of taking care of my health is successful.

Update on the one pancake: easier to keep down one pancake in the morning, as small meals are easier to handle. Thistle likes the small pancakes, too. She calls them "Blueberry Flying Saucers".