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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Thistle brought out her miniature djembe today and asked me, in the course of playing it, if we were going to "Africa dance" soon (I used to take her to the Thursday night class).  I did not know what to say to her.

On the home front, very little happened today, and that's good, because CG and I are in the last phases of the home study...the home inspection. We are about to clean a large storage room that has been a container for four kids' stuff, our stuff, etc., more "stuff" than you could stuff into a small room.  Out it goes!  Plus we have a cabin on the property to clean out--they inspect everything, including sheds and outbuildings, for safety.  I expect we will be tired as heck in the next few weeks.  Plus Thistle is getting a loft bed with a ladder to get in and out, and also a slide on the side to slide down, out of bed, and that means carting her crib (in which she no longer sleeps) and her current futon bed out.

Speaking of my curious, unconventional little family, they have come home from Costco and so I need to go attend to putting away all the goods.

I hope all of my readers have as quiet and peaceful of a Saturday as I am having, and thank you for coming to my little pocket of the world.