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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Reflections

The Thursday night African dance class I am not currently attending is coming up too much.  In Voice Weavers, there was a person from that class; I haven't seen her in ages and she said people miss me there and she hopes I come back soon.  There are a lot of attendant issues to this class, but I am not going to give energy to them either way.  I realize nothing is permanent in this world, even difficult and awkward times., and I believe that one day I will take my place in this class again.  Probably Spirit is yet again compelling me to ask for what I want, again. 

I have decided to take Sunday to reflect a bit on the Course in Miracles and perhaps other things I am studying.  I am very grateful for the Course in this time of grief.  I will never really become a fanatic of it, but it helps to center me and helps me realize that when I am mired in grief, or deep sadness, or want to lash out like a child when hurt, that I am following images and illusions from a past that has already gone over the transom.  Of course, there are people in my life I will be very cautious about trusting ever again BECAUSE of this past, but the Course helps me to remember that people can make honest and real commitment to change and that nobody is the same from day to day and hour to hour.  Holding grudges is cruel and painful to all parties involved.

Here is a thought, though.   I don't subscribe to the idea that "your thoughts create your reality" because that seems like such a narrow idea--would anyone dare (I hope not) to apply that idea to women in the Congo who endure atrocities, to people who went through the Holocaust, to people who lost everything in the Boxing Day tsunami, or the one in Japan a few years ago?  Did THEIR thoughts create those realities?  I would love to hear the answer for that one, because I have never, EVER heard anyone talk about that when discussing the "thoughts creating reality" ideas...ever...and it reflects a shocking amount of social unconsciousness to me. 

Anyway, I have to get Thistle in bed, so thank you for listening to my unravellings about the Course and my own day.