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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tatiana Mittens: These I Would Knit

Considering that I had to rip out two rows of stitching on my new project (Nikki Epstein's "American Beauty Rose Capelet"), it probably is a bit ambitious for me to want to eventually take on these as a knitting project.  Still, I love Russian matroyshka dolls (aka as Russian nesting dolls) and I think this was a clever idea for mittens.

My work with the Course in Miracles continues; I am finding more and more parallels in it with the (not very abundant, I'm afraid) work with Zen Buddhism:  the idea that images and thoughts "haul" all our past associations with them, and therefore that is what we see.  That is why there is so much emphasis in Zen on being fully in the present moment and experiencing things as "what is" instead of "what was".  I can see how the Course is moving towards the idea of forgiveness, also.

I think it is important to forgive one's self as well as others.  I think it's important to be aware of past associations and thoughts about people, places, and things, but holding onto pain and grudges serves no one.  I think forgiving, making amends, and learning lessons from mistakes (and believe me, I have made plenty that have hurt both myself and others) is a healthy path, one I would like to be on increasingly more!

Well, off to make white-chocolate-chip cookies with Thistle; I've been promising her for a couple of days now.  Thank you for visiting!