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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

'Way Cool

Thistle is really into astronomy now (she recently illustrated a "treasure map of the solar system" in which the planets were drawn, in order and in proper proportion to each other, with "Trsr Map" on it, clearly spelled (she is starting to write and illustrate her own "books" also, which she folds precisely and then reads to me).

One thing we are listening to are sounds of the planets as recorded by the Cassini spacecraft.  Here is a NASA link to some of the sounds (ignore the Halloween pumpkin--I think they posted this around Halloween.  The NASA/JPL site is a very rich and interesting site altogether):

Out to stargaze for an hour, especially in the Gemini and Monoceros (Greek for "unicorn").

If you want a good resource for stargazing, here is one (I am not sure if it shows anything but stars in the United States, though):