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Thursday, February 27, 2014

At Home, Thoughts

I have been away from this blog/diary for a bit due to some annoying side effects of chemo: a GI infection;  I am doing fine now and managed to have a very cool mini-film fest, with Hitchcock movies and the biopics The Girl and Hitchcock (with Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock and Helen Mirren as his wife Alma).  I am grateful for being able to sit with my Kindle Fire and watch films that are to my liking.  I also watched The Spirit of St. Louis with Jimmy Stewart.   I wanted to catch up with The Course in Miracles, but I read more of A Return to Love, and I rested and journaled.  I am planning to do more at the Zen Center in the next couple of weeks:  just sitting is fine with me.

I don't like being bedridden: it places a burden on CG, and is not good for Thistle, either.  I try to get up and moving as soon as possible.  I will be going to Haitian dance on Friday after missing other dance classes this week.  When I can consistently go to Haitian dance, then the Saturday morning dance class down in Santa Cruz will be a possibility.  I'm trying to find the delicate balance between pushing my body just enough and pushing it too much.  These are the two classes open to me.  Yes, it's unfair that the other classes are not available to me.  Yes, I should have stood up for myself, if only because certain classes are easier than Haitian (when my teacher Shawn saw I had come back, he greeted me and then proceeded to bust out the HARDEST class I ever did have with him).  However, there is a point where the grumbling stops and the moving on takes place, for me...I am content with what I have got, and it is helping me become well.

Time to go help get Thistle to bed, but it's nice to check in with y'all.  Here's to "progress not perfection"!