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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Course in Miracles: Weekly Report

I am up to Lesson 14 in the Course in Miracles.  I have to say that the Course has not changed my life in some extreme way, but I do feel that the time I give to the lessons every day is very calming and relaxing. 

I think that some of my questions have been answered a bit as I work through the lessons:  today's lesson gave me something that I have already known and felt since I became conscious of the difficult world:  God did not create terrible things, that horrors happen randomly, because of human senselessness, error, etc.  I don't think Spirit created my illness: my immune system did, after some unknowable reason that nobody can yet pinpoint. I think the point for me (and this is just my opinion) is that everything that happens to a person can be used either to make them more cut-off or more open, or even a little of both.  I'm no exception:  the journey to Spirit is a lifelong process, maybe even an eternal one.

For me, it is the madness of misguided, fanatical human beings that causes all manner of ills in the world.  In 12-steps, it is called "self-will run riot" which can be categorized thusly:

Driven by a hundred forms of fear, self-delusion, self-seeking, and self-pity…we step on the toes of our fellows…”(Alcoholics Anonymous)

I think more than "step on the toes" happens in extreme situations:  I think that "self-will run riot" is a greater "root of all evil" than money--in fact, self-will run riot is the very thing that gives money a bad reputation!  Money in and of itself is not evil--it's just some metal or paper sitting around, doing nothing.

Anyways, these are meanderings for today.  I'm happy to say that two women from nanowrimo are already interested and we are meeting on Saturday!  I am taking this slowly--I have never formed a critique group before.

Thistle wants to splash in puddles, so we are off.  Thank you for visiting!