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Monday, February 10, 2014


I woke to a gray day within and without.  I expended a lot of energy yesterday in my performance.  Getting out of bed and taking a short hike in the woods, with a stop at my meditation spot, really helped.  Gold Gulch Creek, which runs behind my house, is a small river right now, with waterfalls!
It was a very cleansing meditation and I feel much better.

I was blown away by a post by Susan Griffin on Facebook--this is the core of The Jezebel Project (the main character is a rape survivor):

... it's a rape culture. And perhaps that's what we should be talking about. It's the same culture destroying the earth while denying climate change as the culture that encourages while denying rape. Ad what is the link? Reducing women, working people, people of color and all of nature to things to be owned, used, traded, abused at will. And note that in this unholy system women are not the only victims and men not the only abusers.

I am grateful to her for this quote.