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Friday, February 14, 2014

I Love Valentines Day

I shamelessly love Valentines Day, but definitely not in a commercial fashion.  CG outdid himself on our first Valentines Day together by giving me a beautiful pearl and gold heart pendant from Hawaii...he has also given me a black paua shell pendant shaped like a wave, also from Hawaii. Once he gave me four dozen roses.  Obviously I loved those things...not because of their price, but because they were given out of love.  I am just as happy with a card or a simple, inexpensive gift as I am with the golden treasures.   It is, I think, a good day to just tell people we love, in a relationship or not, that we care about them.  The caringness is the most important part.

Which leads me to the question:  I want to get a little gift for CG to thank him for his great selflessness since December in helping me recover and adjust to chemotherapy.  It was a huge sacrifice on his part, as is the co-adoption with Thistle.  No matter what happens in our separate lives, the fact of his decision to be a father to Thistle alters his life for many years.  I know he did not enter it lightly and I am overwhelmed with his integrity and sense of goodness and doing the right thing. I attribute my absolute wellness today in great part to him. People say I look, move, and act like I have been reborn, and I bless my treatment with all my heart for this wellness.  It was an act of faith to accept the chemotherapy and I was terrified at first--this was like being told to parachute into complete darkness with no idea what was at the end.

So what to get this person who helped me to this place?  I suppose I will figure it out...a card, of course...and I was thinking, a single rose.  I haven't done that for him I think a stop at the florist is in order.

Instead of moaning about this holiday, maybe this  would be a good day to tell people in your life how much you appreciate them, or do something nice for yourself, or take the first step and reach out to a friend or family member from whom you have become estranged (believe me, taking the first step is scary, but for me, I never regretted it).  We cannot really get away from this holiday, so why not reinvent it and get back to the simple, kind, and fun ways to express caring for one another?

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers, who come here from all around the globe! I am deeply grateful that you come here to read about my struggles and triumphs.