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Thursday, February 06, 2014


I am starting to "re-nano" my science fiction novel, with a goal of three pages a day as soon as I get the first fifty pages re-written...I wrote a surprising amount this year in November, disturbing as that experience ended up being, finally.  The novel is not a story to come out in a month--the main character is a rape survivor, for one thing, and parts of this book are not going to be pleasant because of that.  I've found that the very best fantasy and science fiction I've read has enough measure of reality to it that I can imagine myself in that world, or that life (which is part of The Lord of the Rings success, in my opinion).

CG likes what I am doing and is my technical advisor.  It is nice not to have a censorious person hovering over my writing, telling me what I can and can't write--I am grateful I have not had this sort of person in my life for many years now.  I feel my ability to really write coming back strongly now that I am on a leave of absence from work.  I am also glad now that I have one novel to finish, that I am still going to finish my other novel-in-progress, The Pleasure Palace, and that I can pursue my own ideas and my own path with this new book, which I am giving the working title of The Jezebel Project because I am not sure that I can use The Book of Jezebel (there's another book with that title).  The real title will make itself known in time.

Blogging every day has been extremely good for getting back into writing as well, and I appreciate all who come here to see these musings, such as they are.