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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Serpent Rainbow

I wanted to relate a dream I had last night:  I was in Haiti, in an enormous crowd of people, out in some sort of hill country, very green, the sky incredibly blue.  It had just stopped raining and suddenly there was a huge double rainbow in the sky, glowing out of white mist and a gentle sunshower.  Everyone started singing in what sounded like kreyol and we all began to sway like snakes.  I woke up feeling exhausted, as if I had danced all night long.

This is a significant dream to me because on Friday night, we were dancing yanvalou, in honor of Damballah, the serpent lwa.  One of our drummers, D., told us that Damballah is married to Ayida Wedo, and that they are both creation lwa.  D. said that when Damballah and Ayida Wedo are lying next to each other, they make a double rainbow in the sky.  Pretty amazing that I dreamed of it the same night.

My Valentine's Day culminated in a gift of a dozen absolutely exquisite red roses from CG.  He is so happy that I feel so much better.  I see him getting back to his work and things he enjoys doing, and his personal life, and I feel so happy that I am well enough to hold down the fort again, increasingly.  He has had to shoulder too much since early December.  I feel like we are old buddies in the trenches together sometimes.  I bought him a Valentine card, a flashlight shaped like a UFO, and an interesting little mat for his car dashboard or wherever he needs it, to hold his cellphone, or change, or a pen.
He really liked them.

I really love and cherish gifts that come from people's kindness.  One of the best gifts I ever received was a handpicked bouquet of pink roses, in a glass syrup bottle.  It was so unexpected and kind that I have never forgotten it. 

And I still have the syrup bottle, tucked away in a dresser drawer.