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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Singing Reflections/Grieving Reflections

I'm learning so much about singing from Voice Weavers.  I used to freak out when anyone was singing harmony next to me, because I could not find where my voice "fit" against the harmony. 

Now, in my "singing recovery," I am learning so much about harmony and can sing with a soprano on one side and an alto on the other with no problem--in fact, I imagine my voice and my singing part slipping between the alto and soprano parts as if slipping into a little pocket, perfectly.  I really look forward to wherever this path leads me.

Grief was present this weekend, but less intense.  It ebbs and flows.  I feel less on the knife-edge of intense sorrow.  It is a lighter stone at the center of my body.  Knitting and watching Downton Abbey reruns helps.  One of the characters this season experiences rape, and her husband treats her so sweetly--I am glad they didn't go the route of having her treated like a tainted piece of meat that he loathed to touch because she was "spoiled"--that was actually how SHE felt about herself...her husband, when he found out, said she was "holier" to him and that he loved her more than ever.

It is a powerful storyline, upsetting, but with a lot to teach about forgiveness, non-blaming, and real tenderness and compassion.