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Sunday, March 23, 2014


All my life, writing has been the primary way in which I deal with everything.

I love my new writing group.  I am actually writing poetry again instead of being buried under stories that are not to my liking.  There was some really good writing in my old group and I wish them well, but I am a literary person, and always felt like a fish out of water...and then I got too ill to continue.

My greatest regret of all that time is that I did not use my excellent work benefits to search for a good rhematologist and get on Imuran sooner.  The writing group might have been more to my liking if I'd been able to continue.  Not finding a rheumatologist early on was a huge mistake, waiting that long.  I wish I'd listened to people much sooner, because I am literally well now, and getting more well.  I still don't feel that my body is under 100 percent control of me in terms of coordination and stamina, it gets better every week (I gauge this by Haitian dance--I am now a regular attendee, and I am glad I am in a technically demanding class--it is not one I can just go to "once in awhile).  My emotional and mental state have also improved due to proper BP2 meds and not having all that toxic junk in my system that my kidneys weren't filtering out.  I still face a kidney biopsy eventually if there is not vast improvement, but things have changed since my sister had one and was flat on her back for a couple of weeks.

It is wonderful to write poetry again.  It is wonderful to actually be respected as a writer instead of that nagging sense that I was being used and misunderstood (though A. in my old group is still in touch and we critique via email, and H. is in my prompt group).  I even want to read Terry Pratchett, finally, as my new group has talked about what an entertaining writer he is, though I do not know which book to start with.  I will save that for summer reading.

Anyways, CG and I have friends coming from Australia and a dinner party to attend (we are making baked apples for dessert and trying now to find a recipe).

I wish everyone a good Sunday and a great week ahead.