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Friday, March 28, 2014

glass pens and some of my desk

I have a beautiful teak desk in my home office (it used to belong to CG when he had an office at home). It is enormous...I could practically put a mattress on it and use it as a loft.

Someone expressed curiosity as to what my glass pens look like, so I snapped a quick shot of my desk (a fraction of it, at least).  On it are the glass pens on pen rests and a Guinness Stout coaster with the Grim Reaper on it.  There is my beautiful Book of Kells journal, a very cherished gift in which I only write with the glass pens and ink (perfect paper, which does not feather or repel the ink, or bleed through).  There are also four types of ink; from left to right:  an inexpensive bottle of purple calligraphy ink, Noodler's ink in Shah's Rose, J. Herbin ink in Gris Nuage (a wonderful cloudy grey), and a package of small bottles of J. Herbin's scented inks (they are green apple, rose, lavender, orange, and violet, all made with natural ingredients).  My desk is a bit crowded now due to moving things about for the home study, but this is where I work and write as many nights as i can during the week (I am a night owl writer--less distraction, and it's nice to step outside and look at the stars and moon on a writing break). This is a tad sidewise because I took the photo with my Kindle: