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Monday, March 10, 2014

Healing My Hair

My hair had an alarming fallout when I began chemotherapy (it seems like I had one huge session of it--I took a bath, washed my hair, and there was a layer of hair left in the tub after it drained--it took forever to clean and was sooo weird).  Anyways, here is a pic of my hair loss soon after chemo began:

I researched a lot about chemotherapy-related hair loss after it began for me.  I also talked to my hair stylist and decided to do some things:  protect the baldness with scarves as I got scabs and sores whenever I went out in the sun, use a biotin shampoo and conditioner, and work both into the scalp, and get a good chop off my long hair--I had a couple of inches taken off.  I think these things are working, as well as my body getting used to Imuran.  Here is a picture of my hair now.  Still a baldie, but if you look closely, there are things that look like brown dots in the baldie part.  Those are tiny hairs beginning to grow in.  I think it looks better now (by the way, the color is a bit off thanks to my new cell phone, but the image is accurate).  If anything, it is much more healthy.  The hair loss was absolutely horrible for me.  I am still wearing scarves and headbands, and probably will be protective of my hair this summer...can hardly bear to think of spring and summer right now because of grief, but it will be there, and I hope I have a healthy head of hair to greet it.