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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hoarding the Course in Miracles at the Writing Group

Silly title...just wanted to see my reader stats skyrocket (those are the most searched keywords and I get a bunch of hits every time I use them). I am not making fun of anyone, just curious to see what happens. By the way, I hoard certain things: I have a drawer in my office full of bottled ink. I have more pens than I reasonably should have. I could knit from now til Kingdom Come and never use all my yarn. Etc. As for the Course in Miracles...I have started again, over from Lesson One. No matter how I feel about the Jesus stuff, I find I feel much better every day doing the short exercises and just thinking about good things and positive stuff for my life.  As for my new writing group: yay!

Not much to report today...wrote nearly ten pages of my novel yesterday (using my J. Herbin green glass dip pen and dark purple ink). I write more creatively with a dip is engineered to hold about a quarter to half a page of ink, and when I have to redip, I can think for a few seconds about the work in general, as well as my ideas and sentences. I am free to approach this work as I wish in more ways than one. That is frankly refreshing and freeing. CG has never been censorious about my writing...we joke that I don't tell him how to write code and he doesn't tell me how to write stories. It is a very good deal.

Lots of blustery weather today...abundant rain and then bright sun and rain again. Glad to be handwriting this novel..if the power goes out, I am still golden (even if the writing isn't)!

By the way...if you are a writer who loves fountain pens (and dip pens) and wonderful types of ink, this is the site for you:

Goulet Pens

They let you buy very inexpensive samples (in small vials) of the inks they carry, to
try out before you buy a full bottle.

I have just ordered twelve samples of Noodler's Ink, which is my favorite. I have got Cactus Green ink in my Waterman pen right now, and one of the samples I am trying before buying is Noodler's "Dark Matter", as  I think it would be cool to write my novel in this color with such a great name (it is science fiction and has something to do with dark matter also). Here is the color, as depicted on the Goulet Pens website.

Happy writing!