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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Magic Carpet

We were in the process of cleaning all the carpets in the house, a Herculean task which is still not complete.  Someone, long before CG came here, outfitted all this house with off white carpets. We are preparing for the home inspection.  When that is done, I return to my own repairing/improving/maintenance, long overdue, but hopefully completed by August. I finally have the means and time for it.

Last night I pored over Italian cookbooks for Easter.  I have decided on my traditional artichoke tart (very rich, sort of an artichoke quiche but wrapped in puff pastry),  and possibly Easter bread baskets, made of sweet bread dough made into a little basket, with an Easter egg in the center.  I am looking forward to Easter, though my religious observance will likely be at the Zen Center.  The two churches I might like to go to, do not feel safe right now, but perhaps next year.

Thistle is at school, so I am going to write, paint, and walk in the woods, in that order.