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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My painting, baby steps

Today was not the most fun day, bipolarwise.  I overslept and took my meds late...still oversleeping a lot since Dec. 1 personal fiasco, though grief lessens day by day.  I am glad CG is gentle and tolerant with all this.  I went into a horrible kindling of a hypomanic phase December 1st due to trauma and have to be very careful with taking meds on time as once the bipolar brain gets severely kindled, mood swings can happen more easily for a time. I am glad my psychiatrist put me on a higher dose of my medication, and things are 95 per cent better, but today had a shadowed quality...not serious, just enough to be slow and gentle and a bit slothy.

I worked a bit on my painting, colouring around the masked areas (I think I am going to make these stepping stones).  The colour mixing did not show very well in this picture. I had an idea to take out my Venetian glass pen (a very beautiful gift from CG years ago) and do some lines radiating somehow around the stones, then a colorwash.  I think I ought to put something between the bright stepping stones also, perhaps making all into a birds eye view.

Later:  I wrote for about two hours on The Book of Jezebel and feel much better.  I am glad I have a mild and well controlled case of BP 2 that responds to quietness and engagement in writing or drawing.  I am very lucky that the hypomanic phase resolved relatively easily those months general, it is a matter of being in a healthy living environment where I feel cared for and respected, and learning to push myself a bit more each day, but not too far, and to be patient with myself.