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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Okay, Ice Covered Dacha

(please refer to Zhivago ink in the post just previous to this one)

I realized that, though Dr. Zhivago is a splendid movie, it is almost three hours long, and in some releases, nearly four (I joke that it is one man's life, in real time). I think the image of the frozen house is so cool that I thought I might post it. Here is the dacha covered in ice where Zhivago stays with Lara and writes his "Lara" poems, which become famous after he dies). The dacha is called Varykino.

Here is the house:

Here is an interior shot (btw, Dr. Zhivago is listed in Time Magazine as one of the top ten coldest movies):

They create a small set of warm rooms at the center of the ice palace.

I suppose my ink would freeze over in this place before I wrote any poems, though!