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Sunday, March 16, 2014

oops..redaction re: Course in Miracles

I first wanted to say that I was not thinking in a sense of rightness in my last post about the Course in Miracles.  I feel that it doesn't matter if ten bazillion people were helped by AA and two dozen by the Course in Miracles:  all of these roads lead to peace and light, and we all have different paths that will work, and to which Spirit calls us.  I am still reading A Return to Love because it is all I can comprehend right now.  I do intend to take a class on the Course when Spirit calls me to do so.  I just need to be more gentle with myself in my spiritual journey right now and take it step by step.

In celebration of the fact that there are no coincidences, I friended inadvertantly on Facebook my social worker when I was hospitalized a few years ago with what was eventually diagnosed as Bipolar 2. It happened in March and incredibly, I find myself having a mildly difficult time with it this month. She said that the hospital's highest admissions for bipolar folks is in March  and that most bipolar people really struggle in this month.
One has to wonder why. Is it the time change? Allergies triggering some sort of cascade? More light and therefore more brain stimulation? Knowing as they do that all manifestations of bipolar are chemical imbalances in the brain, one has to wonder why March is so difficult.  I am grateful that my case has been treatable; my medication can take up to six months to work and I am beginning to feel it really happen.  This month has brought me insomnia as the manic part (I knit and watch movies, and do not drink coffee) and a sort of dullness and lack of motivation as the second part...none of it really major, just a sort of slight tidal change. My diagnosis of Bipolar 2 changed my life for the good and explained most of the challenges I had struggled with in my life. And far from killing my creativity, I can work better with a mind that does not churn about.

So, hope this was a good clarity regarding my previous post.

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