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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Other possible audition pieces

I am working on three songs for my audition for Pacific Voices (I am going to email them to make sure that auditioning in July or August is still OK if I want to join in the Fall.  I need the time to practice, hire a vocal coach, and get courageous.).

One song is "Love is Little" which I posted earlier, a Shaker hymn.  The first one, not a complete recording, is a version of the one I currently sing best, "Come to Zion",  This was performed in a Shaker meeting house (no, that is NOT me, though eventually I will post me singing these.  This is a woman dressed like a Shaker.  She shows an example of the clapping gestures that traditionally accompanied this hymn).

The next video is called "I Will Bow and Be Simple".  I like the fact that it is recorded obviously by a group of singers with not-perfect and yet beautiful voices.  The slideshow of Shaker life is really interesting historically.  One slide shows an African-American woman in Shaker dress.  That is because the Shakers routinely bought people out of slavery and later, after slavery was outlawed, also allowed African Americans to become Shakers; there was no segregation in their communities.  There is also a slide or two of women practicing a play about the Shakers; they are in one of the "advance and retreat" marches.  The men and women would march on different sides, approach each other, and then dance back, while singing.