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Monday, March 31, 2014

Stages of Grooming in Sexual Abuse

It seems that sexual abuse and assault are unfortunately on my mind, so I thought I would send a link for a site concerning (mostly) the stages of "grooming" which sexual predators are known to employ (this article focuses on kids and pedophiles, but in my opinion also applies to adults who are preyed on).  I feel compelled to make sure, if you follow the link, to read the disclaimer in the first paragraph: this article applies to active predators, not someone who knows they have a problem but will never act on it and are consciously seeking help.  I still cannot muster much sympathy for their plight,  but at least feel compelled to place a disclaimer as I feel it is very important to make the distinction.

I also witnessed a very disturbing incident, very recently, on the local commuter bus, so I felt even more compelled to share this.

Anyways, here is the link:

I feel that parents are more distracted than ever in these hard times and we need to be mindful of the people in our kid's lives, more than ever.

I especially liked the part about being in your kid's life and responsibly monitoring and supervising their activities.