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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Uh Oh

I have now angered CG quite a lot.  I had costume sewing today with my troupe down in Santa Cruz, and he took Thistle to the yacht harbor to look at boats.  I said I would meet them despite some nausea as I am trying to take my chemo in the morning. When I got to the yacht harbor, it was so insanely crowded that it looked like midtown Manhattan; above all was the smell of grilling meat which made my nausea worse. I called him to say I needed to go home, and he was so angry.

Well, they are home now. Hopefully we will be able to mend this.

Update:  It was fine, but CG is very quiet.

I hate crowds, crazy Santa Cruz drivers, bicyclists who act like they don't have a brain in their heads, people who do not control their kids so they run out in front of cars, and the smell of dozens of meaty things grilling.  Which is why I never go to the Yacht Harbor here unless it's the off season!!

Oh, well...time to sing.