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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Documentary on Coalinga State Hospital

I keep trying to update the links here, but the video keeps getting erased from You Tube. I keep thinking the pedophiles erase it!  Try searching for "A Place For Pedophiles" along with Louis Theroux.  You might have to do some digging.

I did promise to post resources about protecting one's self from sexual predators from time to time...I did not think it would be so soon, but I was alerted to this film about a place I did not even know existed.

 I think this is an important documentary by the BBC on Coalinga State Mental Hospital, which houses sexually violent predators (mainly pedophiles).  It is chilling in that the denial of these individuals is so extreme, so entrenched, that one wonders if they have any idea what basic human decency is, or if they understand anything about the harm they do. These men blame others, minimize and do not seem to understand fully and honestly the egregious impact of their deeds..which I have come to believe are wilfully and consciously chosen with the hopes that they would get away with it. Even the ones in treatment still seem like this.

What drives an individual to this could be a propensity they are born with, a glitch in the brain. Surely there must be a few with this propensity who understand that they have zero right to act on their urges, that the harm they do destroys, that it is a line on the graph of the great continuum of horrors we have enacted upon one another as a species since time began...and that a supposedly narrow minded society is not to blame. There is a reason why adult-child marriages and relationships are outlawed for similar reasons that murder is outlawed: no one has the right to help themselves to the life of another person and snuff out even the slightest bit of their faith in life and the upward trajectory of their human potential, at any age, but even more so for the most vulnerable members of society, our children and young adults.

I have said before that I often wonder what my life might have been had I not spent 90 percent of my energy dealing with the collateral damage of being abused. To put great energy into this and re establish my life's upward trajectory is the way I reject being victimized.  Still, that child I was, that 21 year old woman, that woman in her early fifties, still feels the wounds of violation. They never heal. They never will heal. I can cover the psychic wounds with scar tissue, but they will always be present.  They are the shrapnel I will carry to my grave. And what I say here is not unique in the least, which is the most horrible part of it for me.

This is a highly triggering documentary. I can say that its worth is very real: one sees that too many of these men are gaming the system; they simply do not or will not be able to really understand the great harm they have done.  One guy out of all the ones interviewed might have the ghost of a chance to live in society, and by the end I wondered even about him.