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Friday, April 11, 2014

Strength of Refusal

I wished last night that I could do some jumping and turning, as I miss that from all my other African dance classes. One day  I will just go again to those and the devil can take the hindmost. No one has the right to limit my steps in this world.  If someone decides to treat me wrongly, THEY will be asked to leave, not me.  I am not a victim nor will I act like one. I am also not a second class citizen and no one has the right to take anything like this from me, even if they think they do.  All I care about is being able to dance.

Anyway..wishing for jumping, S. The instructor in Haitian dance taught doubts today, a dance mimicking work, but full turns, jumps, and spins. Be careful what you ask for!!
I think I love djouba is a balance of hard work and a playful ending.

Here is a group playing djouba almost exactly as it was played tonight: