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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Carrot

One dilemma I am facing as an instructor on disability is whether to return to teaching or not.  Right now it is an unqualified yes, in Spring 2015.  CG talked to me about how I'll I still am, that he is willing to help me lifelong if I choose not to go back, including with health insurance, and said he would not support me doing any sort of return to my job unless I was registered as disabled faculty.  He said that trying to work with a capricious illness such as lupus AND parent a small child will likely end my life unless I make major changes in the way I work.  I am not going to be allowed to return to San Jose State unless I register as disabled faculty anyways, something I should have done from Day One...I should have even registered as a disabled student in grad school.

I still feel that I can go back if Imuran gets things under control, but it is going to be a haul. I appreciate how much CG is in my corner with all this, too. Teaching is the carrot just out of reach that is keeping me, the stubborn old mule, going.  I still have a few things left to say, after all.