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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Creek Heaven

I am very grateful to live here in the redwood forest, despite resident creatures such as wild pigs, bobcats, and cougars.  Thought I'd share a photo from a recent traipse to the creek with Thistle.  One of my friends said it reminded her of heaven.  Surely this is so--a little bit of heaven on earth, perhaps.  There is a pond near the house I am having renovated also (have had the haul-out done, old appliances carted off, and a platform for the new water heater also, though there is some rewiring to be done first).  Life near water has always been very important to me.

By the way, near the green, moss-covered log is a stone den of some kind--too small for the cougar.  The creek is filled with fat little salmon fry, silver and black striped.

The square rock with the colorful bag on it is "my" Zen Rock--I frequently go there to sit zazen, meditate, and become centered once again (for however long that lasts!).  Centeredness has been the one thing that has got me through this difficult time.