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Thursday, June 26, 2014


I loved my bellydance class tonight, in the format of Fat Chance Bellydance's American Tribal Style. It is so fun! I also feel that my body is getting increasingly stronger.

We take a hiatus once every couple of months and on those rare Thursday nights when I do not, I intend to return to my Thursday night African dance class. The person who does not want me to go there can just lump it for that night. It is not a class they run, and the director says she wants me back. I do not care about ANY of the Congolese classes as the teachers go on Saturdays enough and I love Haitian dance. But the Thursday night teacher has told me I am welcome in class and a friend has reported to me that the other party is rarely there. Of course, I will tell the other person somehow when I intend to be there so they know. I cannot care one way or the other if I ever see them again because I cannot hope for things out of my control. If I find myself hoping for a call or an email, I will just be sad and disappointed. I have done very little wrong in the situation and what I did do wrong, I tried and still try to remedy and not do again. My friends miss me and the director of the class supports me in going back on my break from ATS classes.

At any body is stronger, my bipolar 2 is very settled, and I am quilting, painting, and writing again. It has been a decent week even with the very tragic loss this week.

I saw dozens of large grey bats tonight on the way home. The fields were covered with those dry blond weeds that happen this time of year, and the bats wove in and out of my sight. I wonder if the young man's spirit is at peace, and I hope it is.