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Saturday, June 28, 2014


We had a wonderful teacher from Haiti tonight. Turns out her husband performs with my son's band, Pure Roots. There were many, many old friends there and the dancing was awesome.

I did several big jumps for the first time since beginning chemo. My body is really getting stronger.

Turns out several people from the Sunday Congolese class were there.  They miss me and encouraged me to return, as the person in question often does not attend.  When I heard that about both the Thursday class and the Sunday class, I just shook my head.  Why hoard all those classes when you don't even go?  I still have a full $75 class card for that Thursday class!  I could only go about every two months, but still...once every two months is a small thing, almost insignificant.  Plus, a man from that class promised me that if there is ever a scene, even so much as an unpleasant word or a slammed door, people will personally escort the unpleasant person out and make sure they are banned for life from those classes. Everyone in those classes has to abide by certain rules and the person in question is no exception.

One person who is close to the Sunday instructor said that V. actually misses me in his class and has mentioned me a couple of times.  They encouraged me to try and negotiate first with the person in question so that I can take that class at least once a month.  They suggested an online calendar that we make as a shared document to fill in if he is so adamant about never crossing paths with me again.  I personally don't even care anymore one way or the other about this person in terms of running into them; I am engaging in Zen "no thought" with no expectations either way, just balanced on the center of the emotional fence.  I just want to dance and see my old teachers once in awhile.

I was blown away by the kindness of those who go to the Congolese classes.  I am sure there are a few bad apples in the dance community, but most of the people are caring and want a peaceful community.

At any rate, I feel stronger every single day, and this makes me happy.