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Friday, June 13, 2014

"Mama Bear" Website: Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention

I recently came across an excellent site which discusses a LOT of excellent topics regarding parenting and educating children and young adults about sexual predation.  It's called The Mama Bear Effect, and the link is below.  It has many articles, a blog, and even some things such as mugs for sale (which I am thinking of getting).

It saddens me, the need for these websites, but there are many, many sick people out there who care about one thing only regarding childhood sexual abuse:  getting away with it.  As I go on in life, I wonder if any pedophile really has any sort of moral center, or moral sense--they seem to whine about how society doesn't understand them, but the reverse is actually true: THEY do not understand SOCIETY.

Here is the website:

The Mama Bear Effect: Protecting Our Children