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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Just wanted to share the fancy name for my back condition. It is highly treatable and if I had to fracture any vertebra in my spine, L5 would be my preference!  As I said, this probably happened sometime in my childhood, and I probably don't even remember it at all.  I do remember having a lot of lower back pain when I was 14-15, but it seemed to go away after a time.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on my back condition.


I hope that with physical therapy, exercises at home, and general good care, I can manage this particular thing. My doctor asked if I wanted to give it some time to see what would way. I've already made my lupus much worse by waiting around to see what would happen.

I do intend to go swimming at my local pool, at the local high school, trying to find safe times. CG reminded me that stressing my back by driving twenty minutes to another pool and paying much more than the local pool should not be considered an option, that my focus is getting well and strong and stregnthening my back. I've done absolutely nothing wrong, at all, and I deserve to be able to access things that will help me get well again.

So there.