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Saturday, June 28, 2014

What to Do With Weekends

Casey (who also works in the medical profession, btw, and has a long-term partner) got in touch with me last night online, rather late.  He was upset that I had written about not being able to go to some of my African dance classes out of fear, that the decision to not attend the writing group over at Orchard Valley Coffee was make unilaterally by the other person, not me, that the others in the writing group socialize, go to writer's conferences, etc.  He was pleased to see that I intend to return to some of those classes, no matter if the other person does not like it (I plan to inform them well in advance of dates and times I would be there and if they grumble, too bad.  I made those agreements out of fear and I have changed my mind, out of not fearing anymore).  I have only one or two people from the old writing group that I care to talk to and share writing with.

"You see, that is the way you don't act like a victim, Joanie.  Do NOT let people intimidate you."

Good advice for a person who grew up with women who tended towards acting like victims as a survival tactic.