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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Casey has been suggesting to me that I make a clean break with my old writing group, of which the person in question was a part.

"What were you doing with these people? Not one of them has the ghost of a chance to get an agent, or do more than self publish. You should never have been around them.  What a joke, all of them going off to a writer's conference, hanging out together with a person who did all this to you, and yet expecting you to still be friends? You have PROVEN yourself...get away from these idiots! You're like Rembrandt amongst people who do paint by numbers!"

Sadly, he's right...though I will continue to work with my friend A and possibly H some time...I do think their work has merit.  And I will continue with my new writing group and am returning to the one I was in for many years. It feels clearer and better in some ways.