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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Golly Gosh

What a full day with Thistle, and my elder daughter's visit also.  We went up to the little park above my house.  Thistle and I later went down to the creek, where we saw a crayfish (aka known as crawdad and mudbug)--I have not seen one in years, as they are pretty shy and elusive.  It seemed to bloom out of the mud and I was not quite sure what I was seeing.

I saw one healthy, fat salmon fry with good striping, but it seemed to want to hang in the shallows where there are fallen branches.  The creek seems to be the favored spot for raccoons, as there are often paw prints in the creek mud--but also there are prints of a fox from time to time.

Then Thistle got a baptism in the creek by falling in, partially--I was trying to help her across the stream using creek stones, but she got a bit impatient and started forging ahead--and SPLASH!  We soon remedied this by going up to the house and changing into jammies (Thistle has a cute pair with crab-print pants and a shirt that says, "Bedtime makes me crabby!"

I looked over my last post: honestly, a huge percentage of people in the world, I think, would love to have a sustainable job to go to, then return home at night, and be a bit more of a "hermit" than they are now!  Honestly, that would be an ideal life for some!

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