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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Obligatory Pony Ride Photo

Here is Thistle in an obligatory pony ride photo.  Many parents and grandparents have similar ones, and perhaps my ancestors, stretching through time to the original pony rides back in ancient Mesopotamia (just kidding).

I am really, really glad I have had this little light in my life.  Seeing her grow up so happy has made the sadness and pain of the last seven months, all the physical stuff I've been through also, all worth it to see that she is growing up happy and healthy and that I have overcome so much to make a calm and nurturing place for her in which she can grow and thrive.

Had a dream about the person in question last night, in my garden, which was blooming profusely.  He looked exactly as he does in real life; he looked well and happy, and it seemed he wanted to talk to me, but then he vanished.  I am getting less sad about seeing him in dreams, which I do occasionally.