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Saturday, July 26, 2014


I had a performance today with my troupe at Litha Faire on Santa Cruz,and it went quite well. I often reflect on the fact that it takes hours to get ready and it takes fifteen or twenty minutes to perform.

No friendly face in the crowd (ego someone I know, family or friends), but a kind audience.

Discovered that the coin belt I wear for my summer costume had mold spots on it (my house gets very damp in winter). I thought I might be able to repair the damage after I got rid of the mold, but it had considerably weakened the fabric. I ordered a new one rather than struggle to embroider over weakened fabric. I usually just resign myself to repair, but am learning that sometime you have to replace it.

The stone of grief, though less, is really here today, probably because I miss the person in question today. It is something I just live with these days.

Time to get my stage makeup off.