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Monday, August 04, 2014

A Dance Day

These photos are from a bellydance show I was in this weekend, up in Richmond. I smiled and laughed and was with my friends, even as I held in my heart the stone of grief.  He would have been proud of my big smile today and the near-flawless show my troupe pulled off.  But I was proud of myself today, and that is all that really matters:  that, and I put 150 percent into my performance today.  My cousin C. and I often comment on how we are carrying on the proud vaudeville tradition of past generations in our family.

Here are some of my photos from today, one in full costume and two selfies.  My friend Z. claims I never age; I told him, "You should see the portrait in my attic!"  Only ONE person got the reference to Dorian Gray, my friend D. who does Gothic-style bellydance.

One reason I like these photos is that they show how much my face is beginning to reflect my state of health, which has continued to be very good these days.  My makeup is very light here; I really do have nice skin and use nothing on it but sunblock.  I am wearing a light foundation here as I took off most of my makeup, except for the eye stuff.