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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pictures of Dance

I  have been very busy today cleaning out my office at the English department (I will be reassigned another if I return in Spring, which is what everyone wants me to do, if the reaction today was any indicator---lots of hugs and wishes for continued good health).  My work is like family to me, for which I feel very fortunate.

I have written another couple of pages on Asha and spent a couple of hours doing research; I'm trying to get everything into organized folders.  Amazing that, in the age of the Internet, all this research can be kept on a computer, so unlike towering stacks of paper, newspaper clippings, etc.  Perhaps I am entering the Digital Age after all.

Here are pictures of me dancing with Shekinah, the student ATS bellydance group in Santa Cruz.
I am in the green top and green skirt in both my pictures.  It was fun to put my hair in braids, a style I have not worn since I was a very young person!