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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Ready for My Close-Up

I am performing tomorrow in a big bellydance show in Richmond, CA.  I can't wait!  I have not been to a really large venue in so long, and I get to stay the WHOLE DAY!!! I am really excited.  My costume suitcase is all packed and ready.  I have needed a day off so much to have fun like this.

I also went to the Cabrillo Music Festival today with Thistle to watch many friends dance in the closing bellydance show (as you can tell, the Bay area is a thriving area for bellydance of all kinds).  Some ass started cat-calling from the audience, and I was really disgusted--bellydance is not about strippers.  I have to say that I really hate the sleazy character of men who go to those kinds of shows (even men I am friends with) and would never have a relationship with anyone who would exploit a woman like that for his own nastiness.  It grosses me out to think of a certain person who declared, in a rather interesting moment, that he desired to go to a strip joint just to say he did it...I cannot believe I would be anywhere near a person like this who would just say something like that to a woman.  Hopefully he's seen the light by now, that you can't really treat women like that--I think I lost some respect for him in that moment and never got it back.

Also, I was afraid he might be at the festival today, and I cried a little when I realized I was able to enjoy live music without him.  It was really healing.  I have real friends who hugged me when they saw me in the audience, and friends who smiled at me from the stage.

Well, off to bed so I can be with my dance sisters and brothers, who really care about each other and support each other.

Also I am preparing for my first American Tribal Style bellydance show in a few weeks, but more about that later.