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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Dear person who still has a problem about my (brief) need to be hospitalized on the Behavioral Health Unit (after I was sexually assaulted), and whose willingness to reveal it to the whole world is drifting back to me every few days.

Since you are making this very public now (really, take a tip from Frozen and let it go...I'm personally going to, because I'm tired of this), I can say just this:  yes, I am bipolar.  I have PTSD and have to be careful about that.  I spent a short time in the BHU for trauma after being hurt.  However, the problem I have doesn't have the potential to have me arrested and put in jail.  It requires medication, and it requires therapy, but it's something I can live with, even thrive with.  For that, I am immensely grateful.  It's similar, but worse, to the time when I learned to ice skate and did really well, considering I am in my 50s and didn't grow up skating.  What did I hear, though, nearly every time we went to the rink?  About the first time I skated and how horribly I did.  I could evolved into Peggy Fleming writing the entire text of War and Peace on the rink with the tip of my blades whilst en pointe, and still have heard that I did so badly the first time.

Just saying--people are doing the best they can, and it is not your place to provide a judgment on those who seek mental health treatment, even in a hospital.  You are not immune to needing such a place, either--nobody is.  I am not the only one with a serious condition that needs attending to.

Glass houses and stones do not mix.  We can all say bad things about each other, but there comes a time when that should stop, don't you think?