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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Another Beginning Begins

Thistle's first day of kindergarten today!! What a long journey we have been through together already, and what a long, long way she has come. I would not have missed the experience of being an adoptive grandparent for the world despite great losses along the way, one of which broke my heart permanently, and which I will mourn for the rest of my life, though Zen helps me shoulder this profound sadness with a measure of grace in a world where all things are impermanent. Of course, this morning I hovered around the office (where you can see the kindergarten window through the office window), worrying that she might be sad until I saw her come out of the classroom door, smiling and hopping like a little kangaroo behind her teacher, on the way to being photographed for a class picture. I feel blessed beyond measure to be on this journey; we are held, together and separately, in the world's grace as she opens like a little sunflower to the light. It's just Thistle and me, going forward in our lives, just us "girls" together, with faith for whatever may be. And so it is.