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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Drive Into Hades

I drove with my daughter part of the way to the site where Asha was found, just a short way until the road turned into a private one for the residents there.  I am going to ask the priest who placed her memorial cross if I can get permission to go up there, and from whom, etc.

Still, we drove enough to get a sense of what a sinister place it is, everything white with dust, dust kicking up as we drove, old landslides everywhere, trees hanging over the road, the road itself sand and gravel. The ravine on one side, leading far down the creek, seemed evil and terrifying in its sheer drop down...more cliff than ravine...truly one of the creepiest places I have traveled in this county, and I have lived and traveled here for thirty years. I assume it is that way all the way up, and the thought of Asha and Anina being left alone there, at the bottom of a desolate canyon,  makes my blood run cold with horror. To think of anyone being left there is horrible; to think of such a vibrant pregnant woman killed and then left in such a godforsaken place, someone I knew, turns my stomach.

We located a turnout so we could turn around and go back down.  Something curious: at the edge of the turnout stood a dirt-covered desk. It was like an invective to keep writing this story.