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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fun Day at Desert Dance Festival

Today I was at Desert Dance Festival with my wonderful folkloric bellydance troupe, Dancers of the Crescent Moon.  I love them all so much.  The only thing sad today was that my friend from who I am now so sadly estranged was not there today; he had been there for the last four years, and was always the person I had the biggest smile for. I so missed his sweet face in the audience today.  It is sad to see pictures from last year, when I had no idea what was coming just a few months later, and I was smiling because he was there to see me, and I always had a kind and friendly face in the audience for me.

Pictures from this year are really nice, though, and my day really was happy.  This festival has been
part of my life for so long, and it is changing now, as all things will be taking a year hiatus and will be in a different location (it has been held in Santa Clara for years).  I had a nice time today!

Glamming it up (I am the one with the pink and yellow tassel belt).

Our sword dance; I am in front, pink and yellow tassel belt. We are balancing real and very heavy swords.

Dancers of the Crescent Moon's traditional opening dance, Halay.