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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Hurrah Zofran

I am tolerating Imuran very well these days, but once in a great while, the nausea roars back with a vengeance. I am glad I got a prescription for Zofran, because it helps a lot (it is a standard antinausea for chemo, though it takes a bit of time to kick in).

Nightmare extraordinaire about the person in question last night...dreamed he passed away somewhere in a remote place (some nameless place but I have no idea where, just a rocky, deserty place) after getting badly hurt, though I do not remember the accident, just that I was with his family, all unseen but present and he was gone, and the sadness was just was one of the scariest dreams I have had in a very, very long time and I have had unease all day.  I hate dreams like this...far, far too realistic for comfort. I almost never have nightmares these days, and never about him these days either. Just thinking about it freaks me out, so I will stop.  I think one fear I have is never mending any fences with him if something happens to either of us, so it was a "fear dream". I would never, ever want something like this to happen to him.

Later:  I feel better; any time I have ever had a dream about someone dying, it NEVER comes true.  Plus I have been tired and hanging out in the ugly County building, which was sort of like one of the places in the dream.

Trying to rest now, and get some work done later.