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Monday, September 08, 2014

Juanita Nelson, Part 2

I emailed the cold case division of the sherrif's office and they say they have never been able to establish connection between McClish and Juanita Nelson, and thus he is not a suspect.  The email was worded a bit carefully.  If there is a connection, perhaps I will find it and perhaps I will not.  It is an utter tragedy for her family.  I hope that it is resolved someday.

Tomorrow marks the eighth anniversary of Asha Veil's disappearance from the Ben Lomond Market.  I try to take in what it means to have someone go through a day, not knowing it will be the very last one they ever spend on earth.  I can't even imagine it.

I saw a friend of mine from African dance, one of the drummers, who works at the County building.  Strange how many people I have run across in the course of working on this.

Tomorrow: phone calls as to how to get the trial transcripts.  Early bedtime tonight.

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